Co2 Laser Versus Diode Laser Which meets your needs?


For any lengthy time now, there’s been debates that laser is way better: a diode laser or possibly a Co2 laser? Which machine to pick? Which technology is better? Why? And a lot of such questions follow.

These two technologies are worlds apart and possess all the variations in the world. Really the only factor common together is laser radiation. And possibly the various they’ll use like Trumpf spares and Mitsubishi spares.




Before we all know the primary difference together, let’s start first understanding these laser machines.

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Just what is a CO2 laser?

This means co2 laser which is a molecular gas laser produced from the gaseous mixture since the gain medium.

It’s CO2, helium (He), nitrogen (N2), along with a couple of volume of hydrogen (H2), water vapor, and/or xenon (Xe). Such a type of laser electrically pumps by having an electrical gas discharge. It operates either using Electricity current, AC current, or possibly in rf (RF) domain.

Nitrogen molecules excite using electric discharge in to a metastable vibrational level and transfer this energy to CO2 molecules if the collides together.

Just what is a Diode laser?

To learn about diodes, let’s go back to old times when Albert Einstein first defined the important thing of stimulated emission in 1917. It claims that the thrilled electron or molecule delivers energy by way of light. Furthermore, it indicates that the thrilled electron or molecule delivers energy by way of light.

The emission triggers upon offering energy by way of light. This stimulated emission triggers by providing energy to have an ideally light amplifying material that provides energy by way of light. This kind of a person’s supply is pumping.

When electrons or molecules fall to their initial condition, the ability delivers just like a light beam.

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Now, let’s know the among all of them:

  1. CO2 laser:

The finest advantage of a CO2 laser could it be is raw laser power. The littlest tube machines have 40 to 80 watts output power. Whereas, professional and industrial units have around 150 watts.

The benefit of industrial units is that they is capable of around 400 watts. That’s lots of power which is suitable for cutting any material except metal. Combined with the right parts like Trumpf spares and Mitsubishi spares, you can utilize Co2 laser to finest efficiency.

Hence, if you are trying to find any laser machine for industrial production then obtaining a CO2 laser is a perfect choice.

The CO2 laser results in a specific wave period of 10.6uM. It’s longer than the light spectrum.

Spectrum matters because the far infrared spectrum does not work with the types of materials. For example, Co2 laser might allow you to cut glass and transparent Plexiglas well, though this volume of wave length, you cannot engrave metals without special paste.