How to Beat the Heat: Evaporative Cooler


There are other options besides central heating and air conditioning. Evaporative coolers consume less energy than traditional HVAC systems, making cold air cheaper and more efficient. In our area, it’s very apparent how blistering and uncomfortable summer can be. Keeping your home or business cool can become a constant battle when the weather heats up and the temperature rises. In normal circumstances, when we get moving warmth waves, our air conditioners and fans everywhere go into action to control the temperature. We might have advised you there was another way. You can use an evaporative cooler outside your home or workplace if you want to relax. Let’s now look at the differences between evaporative and air conditioning coolers.

The difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner

Let us define a portable air cooler before we get to the details. A cooling machine that manufactures cooling air through an unusual process that is unlike conventional air conditioners is an evaporative cooler. This diagram best illustrates the process through a real-life example. You can do this by putting your fingers in water or a pool, getting them out, and blowing softly across them. Your fingertips might get cooler after that! Evaporative cooling uses water to cool air and can be used in any type of business, distribution center, or home. 

  1. A cooling device like a portable air cooler can provide you with a wide range of benefits for your home or business. Find out more about these benefits below.
  2. Evaporative coolers require little maintenance since they work through a simple process. If any support is needed, it will probably take a while. Evaporative coolers will keep going forever and require virtually nothing. 
  3. Effectiveness – Evaporative coolers require significantly less energy than air conditioners. Therefore, your cooler can run for a longer period while spending less money. 
  4. Even though noise may not be a big issue in a storeroom or large office (considering the cooler’s size, it may be a cause for concern in the home. Compared to conventional air conditioners, evaporative coolers operate much more quietly, covers less, and more expensive than air coolers.

Evaporative cooling is better than air conditioning. A variety of advantages are available with evaporative coolers that air conditioners cannot match. In recent years, evaporative coolers have become more affordable than ever before. We can address the problem of heat inside your home, office, or warehouse if you contact us today. Here at our store, we’ll show you our fine selection of evaporative coolers for setting up your home or business for success.