Impeccable Phones at the Same Price

HONOR is a sub-brand of HUAWEI. HONOR uses many high-end technologies of HUAWEI Mate series and P series. Its price will be much lower. Buy HONOR smartphones can enable users to experience many high-end technologies of HUAWEI.

The core components of HONOR 20 Pro under HONOR are not stingy. They are flagship level. Though HONOR 20 Pro didn’t use Xiaolong 855. Xiaolong 855 is the most popular flagship processor on the market. It uses HUAWEI’s own Kirin 980. Similar competitors of HONOR 20 Pro are using the Xiaolong 600 series or 700 series.

HONOR 20 Pro adopts the “48 million full focus AI four cameras”. It is HONOR’s first is the first DxOMark model of HONOR’s. it scored 111 points and the second highest score in the world. In addition, HONOR has unique ID design. The deeply customized Magic UI 2.1 system. It express immersive audio-visual experience, strong performance and endurance. All make HONOR 20 Pro unique in the market.

It newly added 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens. They are 117-degree viewing angle and an equivalent focal length of 17 mm. The framing area has doubled. The picture range taken is wider. The picture has a deeper sense of depth. The contrast is more obvious when taken in the same scene. The photos are not distorted. The imaging is more shocking. This lens can become the first choice for many situations. Such as taking large photos, building domes, magnificent buildings or looking down. It also has an 8-megapixel telephoto camera. It can also perform 3 times optical zoom. It reaches up to 30 times digital zoom during shooting. Of course, four-axis OIS optical anti-shake must be powerful. It increases the film production rate of telephoto shooting. Selecting the shortcut keys of 1, 3 and 5 times can shorten the “shooting distance”. The zoom of the mobile phone does not depend on “walking”.

Another AI function is super night scene mode. It is also the mainstream function of flagship mobile phones. It can take better picture brightness and image details even under insufficient light. Sometimes the light is really dark. It will not exceed the visual recognition of human eyes.

HONOR 20 Pro just likes this. It cannot have the most perfect hardware foundation or brand premium. It can’t support the high selling price like the top flagship products. Yet it did not choose to be a phone with no characteristics like its rivals. It has top-level performance configuration and excellent photographing performance. It has reached the world’s leading level in shooting. It brings more possibilities to mobile phone photography lovers.

HONOR 20 Pro has added graphene heat dissipation technology. It aims to give full play to its performance. This improves 23% heat dissipation capacity than HONOR 10.

In addition, HONOR 20 Pro has comprehensively improved in many aspects.ID design, complete machine interaction, hearing experience, network experience and performance. They highlight the strength of HONOR flagship mobile phones.