Learn to climb the leaderboard position to win on Adda52 and GetMega



Climbing the leaderboard position to win on Adda52 and GetMega has been a frequent question among the players for a long time. There are many arguments on how you can climb to a higher position to increase your chance of winning.

 If you base this argument on the skilled players and winners on this platform, you will find there are specific strategies they use to make sure that they can scale themselves to a higher position. It is a simple procedure to learn to climb the leaderboard position to win on these two platforms. 

Below are the things to know to rise to a higher position and win.

Skill building

Having a given skill is crucial because you will be the guru or master in the given field. Both Adda52 and GetMega provide free and paid games that you can play and win a contest. If you are not good at gaming, these platforms provide you with free games that you can use to play to nurture your skills. As you know, practice will make you perfect, so do a lot of practice to sharpen your gaming skills.

 Remember also you can learn from the existing successful players on this platform. You can enter into a low stake contest, not to win but learn from others on how they make their moves. With this information, you will become a master of gaming.

Strategy making

It would be best to learn how to make the strategy that will help you scale up on the leaderboard and win on the adda52 and GetMega. You may ask then, how can I make this strategy? Do not worry is a straightforward process, first after learning how to play and master the skills. Then collect some statistics or hidden data. Then devise a plan that will help you beat your opponents. 

Through winning and scoring more

It is one of the secrets that you can find all the gurus in gaming knows. To scale yourself to the higher position, you have to make sure that in whichever contest you are, you have to know how to win and make sure you score more points. 

Learn to be consistent

Like in other fields here, consistency is also the key to winning a higher position. If you become a consistent performer, you will be able to utilize the slots you get in the contest well, and if you master your game well, you can be the all-time top player on both leaderboards.

You have to read and watch tutorials.

It is good that both adda52 and GetMega offer tutorials for every game they offer on their platform. Make sure that you read them and know the tactics that will help you to win the games. Remember, there is other valuable statistical information that is provided for a given game or contest. Make an effort of passing through this information because they are the ones that will sharpen your skills and increase the chance of becoming a winner.

Keeping things cool ahead

As you keep on playing, your progress will get better. Remember that in every contest you participate in, you understand your options and know the probability of what will happen ahead. Playing well and winning most of the games, and having more points will make you realize your vision of climbing the leaderboard and winning on the adda52.

Play to win

Remember to not take things for granted. Always refrain from the games that you see you are likely to lose. Do not make any foolish moves, but be strategic and make sure you make moves that will help you win the game.

Learn how to utilize upgrades and booster

It is another feature that you need to master so that you will be able to maximize your potential and have high scores. Within these two platforms, you will get a lot of boosters and upgrades that come in the form of leaderboards promotion. Make sure you collect as many as possible once they are available.

With the leaderboards promotion, you will be able to score some points that will help you secure the top position, and by the end of the contest, you can be at the top position with massive prizes. 

Learn how to stay alert

You need to pay attention to how the contest is progressing. Remember that you have to stick to your strategy and plan and never lose focus. By remaining alert, you will know the others’ strategies, and you can imitate them or devise another method to beat your opponents. 


In conclusion, the above points are what you need to learn to climb the leaderboard position to win on Adda52 and GetMega. Putting into practice the above points will help you to scale up your game. Finally, you will have to put much effort into exercising, training, and practising so that you can climb the ladder. The result may be slow, but you will be able to score higher points and secure the top position on the leaderboards on both platforms with time.