Roles Of Company Secretary In Hong Kong

Multi-ethnic group of people on a business meeting

Company secretaries are the backbone of your company. They represent your business. They make sure that your company has an effective and excellent administration. Additionally, secretarial services assure the compliance of the business with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong.

Company secretaries cooperate with directors, executive members, and board members of the enterprise and perform several business activities based on the decision made by them. You can consult the best Hong Kong secretarial company, 3E Accounting Hong Kong to provide secretarial as well as corporate services. They guide you promptly with new business registration along with the daily operations of your company.

Let us look into the major roles carried out by company secretaries in Hong Kong:

Management Of The Companies’ Statutory Books

It’s mandatory to manage and maintain the statutory book of the company. You can easily locate the documents and the particulars on time when required by directors or government agencies if statutory books are maintained properly. You also need to update the documents and particulars when there are modifications in the company. It’s the responsibility of the company secretary to inform you about the changes and information regarding business activities by sharing reports and accounts to the shareholders and staff of the company.

Preparing & Attending The Business Meetings

The company secretary prepares the essentials of the meetings, organizes, and informs the board members, shareholders about the meetings. They have active participation in the meetings and implement the decision of the meetings effectively in the business.

Company secretaries are mainly responsible to formulate the major proposal, and details of meetings. They also assure the decisions made during the meetings are under the laws of the company and the country.

Filing Of Post Registration Business Activities

Company secretaries are crucial not only at the time of business registration but during the entire shelf-life of the business. The business may encounter the retirement of staff or hiring new employees over time. Similarly, there may occur good or bad impacts in companies finance, and there may be changes in a business location too. Therefore, these things are considered by the company secretary and they maintain these changes in the register of the company as needed.

Deals With Stakeholders

The company secretary deals with different stakeholders that impact the daily business activities of the company. The newly established business requires the company secretary to understand the diversified markets. There are several policies concerning the Inland Revenue Department, Company Registry, Company Acts, stock markets, etc. So, it’s crucial to hire a company secretary who already knows the legal operations and is experienced in business activities.

Tax Compliance

It’s mandatory to comply with the tax system in Hong Kong to start a business. The company secretary in Hong Kong performs the registration process of your company in the Inland Revenue Department and looks for detailed authorization related to tax issues. They ensure the filing of tax returns of your company accurately and on time.

These are the chief functions your company secretary performs for you and leaves you hassle-free.