Why it’s good to visit bars and pubs

Going to pubs isn’t usually what we look up to. We see it as an act of going somewhere, losing ourselves in alcohol, and having a good time if someone doesn’t ruin it. But can it be more than that? Could it be beneficial?

It could be, and actually, it already is. Here are some sensations that only a bar or a pub can provide.

Meeting new people

You can meet new people anywhere, but have you ever had a bar friendship? With a bartender or with a random stranger? Pretended to be that girl’s girlfriend so that creep would leave her alone, and then stayed drinking the whole night and probably ended up crying? Or have you ever started a chat with a guy that just got his heart broken and then went really deep after a couple of beers? It’s a sensation that even the best mens clubs in Melbourne can’t provide. It doesn’t matter whether you exchanged numbers or not. You had a friend for a night. There’s nothing more important than interpersonal relationships, and they appear in bars and pubs a lot.

Getting to be someone else for a night

Have you ever walked into a bar, and when someone asked you for your name and profession, you just blatantly lied? It’s not your fault. People do it a lot. And I don’t mean kidnappers who don’t want you to know their identity. We’re talking regular 9-5 job people who want to change who they are for a night. It’s nice to get out of your shoes for a bit and play around, see what you can and can’t pull. This is not a form of deception, rather an opportunity for a different perspective.

There’s no shame – you’ll probably never see any of these people again.

Tell your story, everything that’s on your mind. How you loved her, but she didn’t care, so now you’re working so hard to prove that you’re worth her attention. Cry it out even. There’s a slight chance that sometime in the next 20 years, you encounter your one-night-interlocutor on the subway or shopping for groceries, but it’s just that – a slight chance. Bar talks are a form of therapy that we all need sometimes. And they’re free.

 It’s an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Whether you’re scared of new things or want someone to engage with you in a certain discussion, bars and pubs are like the holy Mecca of new experiences. You won’t get as uncomfortable as you would at a nightclub or a mens club Melbourne, but you’ll still get the nightlife experience. You can start getting rid of your fear about new things by going to a different bar each night, or you can randomly start a discussion and see where it goes. You’ll find out amazing things about both yourself and other people, and it might help you understand people more in general.

So, whatever your reason might be, going to a bar is not taboo. You do it; I do it, we all do it sometimes. And now you know what to look for the next time you go to one.