The photographic technique for photographing children

Most times, even experienced photographers ask how to photograph children, especially those who have just started walking or who are already a little older. Parents almost always repeat the same phrases to me: “but how do you do it? They never stand still! He can never take a decent photo of him! “. Here then in this post are some tips that will help you to photograph children with ease and efficiency.

Intrigue them

First, put your camera on display right away, even just holding it in your hand or over the shoulder, but don’t take the shot yet. In this case, the bigger, the better. So introduce yourself with a super-telephoto lens or a very bright and bulky one … In short, the largest you have; something that the child has probably never seen. The aim is in fact to intrigue the child so that when you take the camera to shoot, he will look at you on his initiative. Then you will have time to change your perspective as you wish. Take something with you to play, but it is not a classic and “static” toy-like dolls or similar. You can carry a coloured towel or things like soap bubbles, balloons, flowers, clothes, hats, etc.

Be Patient 

Once we get a little comfortable (usually a few minutes are enough), we can try to take the first shots. We pay attention to the reaction of the child. The best he could have is to ignore us; in this case, we can go on. Just as if he laughs and continues to play with us. If, on the other hand, we notice that the child gets angry and maybe snouts or throws himself on the mother’s neck, then it’s time to turn off the camera and arm himself with patience. We start a new game and act as if we are not there to take pictures.

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