The new ERA: Moissanite Engagement Rings

To honestly believe that diamonds are the only acceptable gift for lovers is akin to purporting that coca is only drunk that tastes good. If you believe a marketing slogan, as some kind of unequivocal truth, then you should read a book and find better ways to spend your money. Cubic zirconia and moissanite engagement rings should be perfect alternatives, but people still seem to favor the very expensive diamonds.

Why not try the new kind?

Now, if there was a stone that was so similar to diamond that even jewelers battled to distinguish it, then wouldn’t you agree that this could be a reasonable alternative? Such a gemstone does exist and it’s called moissanite.

How similar the natural and man-made diamonds are

This laboratory grown gemstone is equally beautiful and it can be cut into any shape that a diamond can. The stone is also more affordable because it doesn’t have to be excavated from the earth and then transported all over the world. The only reason that moissanite engagement rings aren’t as popular as diamonds is because they don’t have a genius advertiser in their midst.

However, nowadays it is a totally different story

Not in the imperfections and fluidity of modern marriages, because true love still does exist, honest. It is in the story of the symbol’s creation that breaks the heart. A diamond is still a perfect gemstone, taking millions of years to be created in the heat and the crushing pressures of the bowels of the earth but the problem recently has been the ethics of getting it out.

Pocket friendly yet elegant Moissanites

We can always look fabulous and fashionable with the least cost. Your purchase would not put a hole in your pocket. They cost thousands of dollars less than diamonds, whether mined or cultured. Moissanites have more scintillation and higher refractive index than diamonds do. Refraction is the degree to how the light passes through the stone. The hardness may be below that of a diamond but its crystalline structure is strongly bonded together. You would not have to worry about breaking or melting.

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You can actually pass this treasure as a family heirloom from generation to generation. If a grandmother is popular due to her elegant sophisticated style, her grandchildren are sure to carry on the legacy. Be the belle of the ball not just because of the bling but also for the sparkle’s tales. Colors may vary widely and are graded in the same scales as diamonds. However, the most commonly bought ones are nearly colorless. In contrast to diamonds, moissanite may not appreciate in value. Moissanites also identified as Silicon Carbide are said to have derived from meteors and meteor craters on earth. They closely come from the stars. They are also rare minerals.

Some changes are for good

In the past, an eco-conscious bride couldn’t get an engagement ring that did not harm the environment in some way. The concept of a ring that was made ethically; whoever thought of that? But the destructive mining operations for diamonds, gemstones, and other precious metals and also the sub-standard working conditions in these mines made people realize the extent of exploitation that the labor force had to endure just because we wanted to look pretty on our weddings. Hence with the passage of time people started to become more and more conscious about the well-being of the environment.

Needs to looking good

That is when jewelers realized that catering to environmentally sensitive is essential as they have significantly increased in number. Have you ever pictured your engagement ring to be all bling-bling? Honestly, a big diamond in an engagement ring is always good looking, but the ring does not have to be bad for the environment. Nowadays there is a huge variety of luxurious environmentally friendly engagement rings that an environment-conscious bride-to-be can choose from.

Why not care for nature?

If your engagement is around the corner then it is high time you started looking for the perfect ring to wear on your finger. When choosing a ring, most women look for a unique design but contrary to popular belief this isn’t always the best idea, most women, however, do tend to like more traditional styles of engagement rings. The engagement ring you present to your wife-to-be can still be one of the most unique rings that she has ever seen because of it being eco-friendly.


Eco-friendly engagement rings are gaining pace nowadays with more and more couples buying environmentally conscious rings, but this section of the market still has a long way to go to compete with the standard rings available. When buying a ring people take the three C’s into consideration. The cut, color, and clarity but when you are choosing an eco-friendly ring another C is of great importance and that is Cost to the environment. Most people overlook this C but as you can “C”, this is of great importance.

Ask the origin of the diamond

So when you go out shopping for an engagement ring do ask where the diamond is from, to ensure it was mined using safe and legal practices. You can then have the diamonds fitted in metal that is environmentally friendly so that you can start your new life and your engagement with a clear conscience.


We need to find a way to break down the myth that the hardness of compressed carbon has anything to do with how much you love someone. Diamonds maybe forever, but this has nothing to do with the feelings you have for a woman or man. When we give someone a gift, we hope that they will see it as beautiful. We don’t expect them to bite onto it and then exclaim, “Oh, this is hard. It’s a really great gift.” Aesthetic appeal, then, should be the main consideration when it comes to the successfulness of a gift. It’s time that all of us embrace the change which is good to sustain living beings and also our mother nature.