What makes Scandinavian Interior Designs so Breathtaking?

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and 1930s, the Scandinavian style favours sleek furniture. Practical furniture that takes up little space is to be adopted to decorate a Scandinavian-inspired room. As space saving is essential, nesting tables, stackable stools or even removable tables constitute suitable furniture. For a living room bathed in a Nordic atmosphere, choosing a sofa as well as armchairs with rounded lines and fitted with wooden legs is recommended.

A minimalist coffee table with a compass base and a Scandinavian sideboard is required to complete the set. To equip a bedroom or an office, a bedside table with compass legs, a chest of drawers, a work table and many other pieces of furniture are sure to display the minimalist and refined design favoured in Scandinavian decoration. You can visit https://sghomeneeds.com/articles/scandinavian-interior-design for more Scandinavian design ideas and the interior design companies behind it.

Integrate wood into the decoration

To create a soft and warm atmosphere, wood is the flagship material of the Scandinavian style. In addition, the use of this material reflects the importance given to nature by the Nordics. Whether it’s accessories, furniture or even the floor, this style of decoration uses four main species of wood, namely oak, pine, beech and ash. Depending on your personal taste, these materials can be bleached, tinted or smoked. To create a subtle contrast, other organic materials are used, such as marble, leather or metal. They are mainly used in decoration through accessories.

Bring nature into the decoration

Apart from wood, the Scandinavians invite other natural elements in their decoration. To bring freshness to the decoration, a few green plants or driftwood easily find their place in a room with a Nordic atmosphere. To enhance the decoration, adding fresh cut flowers is another option. The addition of these various decorative elements must, however, be done sparingly in order to avoid clutter.

The flagship colours of Scandinavian style

To meet their need for light, Scandinavians favour white in their decor. This shade is displayed from floor to ceiling and is complemented by pops of colour to create a bright and serene atmosphere. Note that other shades used are preferably associated with nature, such as blue, which is reminiscent of the ocean, the cold or warm grey of pebbles, or even yellow, the colour of clay.

Choosing the right accessories for a successful Scandinavian decoration

For a welcoming and cosy interior, the choice of accessories should not be neglected. In the Scandinavian style, the various decorative objects are generally dressed in colour to bring a touch of sparkle and awaken the minimalism of the decor.

The choice of lighting

To evolve in a harmonious environment, the Nordic countries favour light, both natural and artificial. To create a bright interior, the arrangement of the room should be thought out accordingly. For example, the space around windows must be clear to create a more spacious and well-lit look.

Cushions and plaids for a comfortable interior

To cope with particularly harsh winters, the Nordics are multiplying the accessories that warm their interior. To optimize the warm character of the Scandinavian style, plaids in soft material should cover the armchairs or the beds.

Focus on geometric patterns

To energize a Scandinavian-style interior design and break the monotony, geometric patterns are perfect. Whether it’s on carpets, cushions or posters and wall pictures, squares, diamonds and stripes give pep to this style. For a successful decoration, you just have to make sure to choose colours that match the rest of the furniture, style and accessories for a more coherent look.