Yogyakarta Street Foods You Must Try While in Yogyakarta

Rujak Es Krim Pak Nardi

Many of you may have consumed Rujak in other Southeast Asian nations, but have you ever heard of Rujak with ice-cream in Yogyakarta?

The fresh fruits are spiced to perfection and submerged with a sour and sweet blend, topped with homemade shellfish. Oh and in case you genuinely feel as if you’ve received an Indonesian gut by now, simply do it just like the natives and toss in a spoonful of sambal! Yes, sambal and ice cream, who knew it was a game! So it’s sweet, sour, hot and cold — just what a feast for your tastebuds! There are lots of additional Rujak ice-cream sellers in the neighbourhood, but the horde will show you the best kid on the block! The wooden cart has been surrounded by plastic stools for you to delight in the ice-cooling Rujak under the shade of these trees. If you adore this refreshing, sweet and hot flavour, you will not be able to resist having another bowl!

Kupat Gule Bang Doel

You don’t need to await the Eid party any longer to enjoy a bowl of festivity! Prepare for an explosion of local flavours in Kupat Gule Bang Doel! This small roadside cart (look out for the red and yellow one) functions your post-fasting favourite: Kupat Gule, a yummy broth full of perfectly leafy greens, meat (select from mutton, chicken or beef), together with rice cakes as well as other key toppings. This can be served with rice and can be exceptionally well enjoyed on its own as well!

Kue Leker Pak Yo

This regional candy delicacy will get you and your children excited! Very similar to Thailand’s most famous roadside crepes, Kue Leker is your crispy Indonesian version. You’re able to choose your fillings, though locals usually pick banana chocolate!

In Pak Yo’s stall, the Kue Leker is cooked on charcoal — you won’t find any electric stove or any modern technology, which is what truly makes it unique, using the authentic old-time Jogja vibe. Pure nostalgia in a sting! The crepe is served crunchy, together with the hot vanilla aroma and soft banana and chocolate flavour. We would indeed have this at tea time! If you are eager to do it, choose different fillings. Besides banana chocolate, there is also cheese and condensed milk, or mix and match involving cheese, banana, and milk!


Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi

Wedang Tahu is another beverage that looks like a dessert. It’s served warm and made from soft creamy peas in ginger and syrup — quite like Wedang Ronde, however, there are not any glutinous rice balls. Sweet, however, the mixture of feel is appreciated by everyone! The beverage is generally enjoyed as an individual warmer throughout the rainy season. It can also be appreciated early morning or during the night. Come as soon as you can as the booth is open until sold out.

Angkringan Kopi Jos Lek Man

A little anxious about charcoal on your coffee? We were too, but do not be!

It doesn’t require a large coffee connoisseur to enjoy java beans at Kopi Jos. While the coffee is served to appear as dark as ever, it is also dunked with burning hot charcoal cubes. Let it sizzle in — that is designed to help neutralize the acidity in your coffee. When it’s fizzed fully, remove the charcoal and you are good to go with an unusual coffee repair — a neighbourhood novelty! Hint: Remember to mention “no sugar please”, or enjoy your coffee with 10+ spoons of sugar in it (not exaggerating!) 

Vacation is more than just the food, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.