Low-Cost, High-Potential Marketing: The Amazon Factor

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about how Google is wary of an impending threat to its supremacy in search and is nervously looking over its shoulder. The competitor is the threat, but it isn’t Facebook, Microsoft, or even Yahoo. Amazon is that rival., the biggest online retailer, currently records more than 300 million product searches per month! One may go with the amazon sales tool, to check the ranks and sales terms.

The Ideal Source of Traffic

In contrast to Google, where most searches are expected to be for information, over $60 billion in annual sales are generated by Amazon queries. The fact that it costs you nothing to compete for those queries makes’s traffic even more astounding.

Since keywords can cost up to $100 per hit on search engines like Google, it is nearly difficult for many people to compete in highly competitive sectors.

How to Work with as a Partner

While many internet marketers are aware of the affiliate network offered by, fewer are aware that you can sell things there. On Amazon, hundreds of thousands of products are sold, including both tangible goods and e-books for the Kindle, and anybody can do so. 

Marketing with Low Cost and High Potential

Given the possibility for profit, it is amazing how inexpensive it is to begin selling on the biggest online mega market in the world. Find a product that can be drop-shipped and delegate the stocking and fulfilment to a third party if you want to sell physical goods with the least amount of capital expenditure possible. Your choice of how to market your goods outside of Amazon will be your only expense.

Even better, you can benefit from Amazon’s “Fulfilment by Amazon” programme, which enables you to buy goods from suppliers and have them send your stock straight to Amazon’s warehouses for in-house delivery to customers. You don’t even need to touch any products at all!

You can choose to read e-books and take advantage of the popular Kindle marketplace for practically no money at all. Here, you have the option of creating and publishing your e-book product or buying private label rights to an already-existing product that you can then resell. With Amazon stating that e-book sales have now overtaken those of conventional books, the market is almost limitless. The potential return on investment for costs associated with selling products on is not only tremendous but also immediate!

You can reach millions of customers by collaborating with the brand, who are not only looking for what you have to offer but are also prepared, willing, and able to make a purchase. The sky’s the limit when you incorporate Amazon into your business plan.